Friday, April 1, 2011

Ver Filmes De Mario Salieri Gratis

'Let me' and the boundaries of genre films

Often we are too reductionist. We want to see in a tree forest, the forest always see the same tree. We always want to quantify, measure and qualify what we see and we turn to formulas and shortcuts that simplify the explanation of what we perceive.

our way to classify the film is by gender. This form of cataloging records has been rooting film many bases that have enriched the film. And, obviously, have facilitated the process of naming and identification of what the viewer sees on the card. Over the years, this definition of gender led to the creation of so-called 'genre film', characterized by taking a seat in such structures and common resources of the tapes of the same theme.

In principle, this is a good thing. There are viewers with specific and common tastes, which demand a kind of cinema with some concrete ways. This does not mean that the public always look the same premises, the same habitats or the same approaches. Here is the error. Genre films always keep common standards, a conceptual universe in which to develop ideas and stories. But today we have the concept, I do not know if general but at least it majority of genre cinema as an initial base straightjacket approach in public areas, which repeats the same resources and in the same constructions and over again.

But is it truly genre films? No. When addressing a history of 'gender' can go far beyond even the tightest of them all. This is not to make a kind of 'film like', but to develop a nature film about a specific topic. And yet there are examples of this.

Let me , Swedish film Tomas Alfredson, provides an to understand the genre film with his eyes wide. We can not say that the script is totally free of common resources of the horror film, but the approach is what makes it so valuable. Because above all, in Let me see a message, a plot that goes far beyond the terrors and darkness and, of course, the vampires themselves.

This tender story of two children who love and understand each other despite being of mixed and conflicting beings is perfectly situated within the imaginary space of terror. However, the basic story is not fear, but the relationship between these two guys, the complexity of their situations and fed back as helping to overcome the difficult situations that both cross. The concepts of gender as a discursive element developed as a metaphor or extension of the harsh situations that are subject Oskar and Eli.

is a different vision of the concept of evil, injustice and survival. But above all, this is another alternative form of horror. As close as supernatural. An heir to the same vision Nosferatu Murnau of which is perhaps the best genre film of the story.


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